Investor Relations

Investor Relations

Over our many years of diligent service, AISB has made monumental strides in achievement that have led us to where we are today. Our extensive and detailed archive of financial highlights over the years show our absolute commitment to ensuring consistency in everything we set out to achieve.

A collection of our annual reports, outlining our growth and progress in comprehensive detail.

A more in-depth look at our developments filed as quarterly reports.

Stay up to date and in the know with everything that goes on in our company.

Elaborate archives of our Annual General Meetings at AISB.

A thorough breakdown of our stocks and financial information.

By applying and adopting the best practices and principles of good governance in all duties and responsibilities, the Board of Directors within AISB is committed to upholding the absolute pinnacle standard of Corporate Governance throughout the company and its subsidiaries.

Together with our Board of Directors, we continuously seek and strive to carry out various corporate responsibilities as a caring employer. Our key CSR initiatives cover a variety of operations to ensure that our services and our employees are always satisfied and in good shape.

AISB is committed to achieving nothing but the highest possible standards of service and ethics in all of its practices and businesses. To achieve these ends, we encourage all our employees to use proficient internal mechanisms for reporting any malpractice, illegal acts or omissions by its employees or ex-employees; so as to maintain a work environment of equality and peerless professionalism.